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A Frames Melbourne

When compared to digital signs, A-frame signs are the best option for brick and mortar businesses. They are one of the most versatile advertising tools in the industry. A-frame signs are also sometimes called sandwich board signs due to the large number of them being used for sandwich shops or cafes.

The reason for this is quite simple. Certain A-frame signs can come with a chalkboard, which means that the content of a sign can be altered, on a daily basis for the price of a stick of chalk.

This content can range from including daily offers, or upcoming promotions, or they can also contain humorous or funny quotes that help personalise your establishment. They are extremely light and portable and can easily be moved to accommodate any kind of situation, or any kind of outdoor signage space.

A-frame signs are not only meant for advertising. They are also highly versatile when it comes to being used for controlling traffic flow. For example, A-frame signs are consistently used in areas where parking spots are commonly difficult to find. A-frame signs are also used in malls to direct traffic flow of mall goers, as to help them figure out which shops or stores they need to go to. Furthermore, A-frame sign configurations are almost limitless in nature, including double or single sided A-frames with stationary or reversible sliding panels.

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A Frames Melbourne

Since A-frame signs are on ground level. They are the most ideal way to reach out to customers that are pedestrians, and with a funny or quirky quote on the sign, you can be guaranteed that a customer will be intrigued and come into your establishment to check out your business. If your business requires A-frames in Melbourne then Hy Signs is the signage solution partner you need.

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