Billboard Signage


Billboard Signage

In the last decade, digital marketing has become the core of many businesses, when it comes to reaching out to their customers.

However, billboard signage is not showing any trace of slowing down.
Billboard signage is still extremely popular among the top brands in this Digital Signage era, and that is because they understand the importance, and value that billboard signs can bring to a business.

Most commuters today, end up facing, at least, 35 to 45 minutes per day on the road, whether it is in public transport or in their private vehicles, or if they are just taking a leisurely stroll. They are 90% more likely to view your billboard, than they are to see your ads on a social media website or randomly in a marketplace.

Billboards can generate sales with an increase of up to 68% because of the massive amount of outreach, they offer, Compared to other marketing alternatives with Billboard signage. Your business, not only becomes a logo, but also becomes a landmark for many people, reinforcing your brand identity in the brains of people who might not even want to use your brand.

Billboard Signage

Billboards also reach out to an increasingly high traffic of viewers and does so repetitively and consistently driving your brand identity into the head of thousands of commuters on a daily basis for a fraction of the cost. When compared to the exorbitant prices paid by brands for prime time TV commercial advertising slots, billboards are definitely a more cost-effective solution while providing similar results.

For reliable and reputable billboard Signage solutions, reach out to Hy Signs and we’ll take care of all your signage needs.

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