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Exhibit signs, are a robust and highly efficient method of advertising. While they are commonly used in exhibitions for different venues exhibit signs can be made to fit a variety of purposes, and can be modified to create any kind of image that you would require.

With today’s modern printing techniques, the displays can be made in almost any colour and design.

This provides you with multicoloured graphics that can incorporate strong branding. Exhibit signs are extremely easy to set up, and don’t require any form of assistance when it comes to installation, they can be erected quickly, and the compactness of the design and lightweight frame, means you can easily carry them in the back of your trunk.

Exhibit signs are highly customisable, which means that the form factor of the exhibit sign will not be compromised by how much content you want to place in it. Whether you want to place high intensity graphic logos or a large amount of text, exhibit signs are extremely convenient when it comes to printing. Any element can be moved around and refigured so there can be multiple design tests done before you finalise on a specific side that you feel works best for your business.

Today, with PVC vinyl materials, exhibit signs last much longer than usual which means the same exhibit sign can be used for a multitude of purposes. Literally anything that can be translated on a computer screen can be translated onto a sign, which includes vector graphics and high resolution photography.

At Hy Signs we use high quality materials such as PVC vinyl that not only is extremely durable and long lasting, but also provides a higher range of colours that are much more high in definition.

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