Lightbox Signage


Lightbox Signage

If you take any major brand in existence, you will see that they all use lightbox signage for their outdoor advertising. The beauty of light box advertising is in the variety of benefits, they can bring to your business.

Lightbox signage, has been used by massive conglomerates for a very specific reason. They are not only cost effective, but they also help them stand out from the competition. More importantly, a lightbox sign looks extremely professional, as compared to other types of signage that cater to people at night.

A lightbox, can also be viewed from two sides, which increases visibility for both people coming from one side or the other. More importantly a lightbox consumes a very small amount of power, almost 90% less than traditional neon sites, which means that even when your establishment is closed your lightbox can keep running, resulting in 24/7 marketing at an extremely affordable cost.

Lightbox signs are made from a combination of aluminium, acrylic, and legs and materials, which are not only visually appealing, but are ideal as promotional tools. Considering that the human eye is naturally drawn to lightbox signs, they are at the peak of outdoor signage advertising.

Lightbox Signage

In these situations, lightbox signs look significantly more professional and attractive, which would entice the customer to choose your business over everyone else. Hy Signs has a multitude of options when it comes to lightbox signage in Melbourne.

We have a large team that is dedicated and experienced with custom signage solutions for all types of businesses, whether you need a neon sign for the indoor spaces of your business, or whether you need a massive sign for the outdoors, where people can easily see it, we have got you covered. Call us for more details.

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