Monument Signs


Monument Signs

Monument signage can be a slightly tricky and difficult proposition to implement. There are many rules regarding monument signage, including height restrictions, durability requirements, and

A well designed monument sign, not only gives an impression of quality, but also drives home an impression of permanence and importance. A well printed monument sign can make a huge difference in how your brand is perceived by the general public.

Not only that, monuments are areas with a large amount of traffic, where a high number of people are more likely to see your sign. This number increases when considering the height restrictions of monument signage keeping most signs at ground level which means even passers-by become an active audience for your signs.

Furthermore, monument signs are an excellent way finder, which can make people address regions or ways of passing your monument simply by virtue of the sign being there. It is also common for a lot of map apps, and map designs to inculcate monument signs into their routes, making your monument sign, a landmark in and of itself.

Monument Signs

Monument signs have to meet strict structural safety regulations, to the point where in some cases, they need to be strong enough to withstand cyclones. They also require proper permits, including precise engineering drawings that need to be submitted before said approvals can be given.

At Hy Signs, we handle the full project from conception to installation, making the process as simple as possible for you. We have a dedicated team that is passionate about design and we bring nothing but the best of industry expertise that will surely satisfy your signage requirements.

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