Neon Signage


Neon Signage

Since the 1960s, neon signage has been an effective way to market your business to possible end customers. Of late, neon signs have suddenly come back in fashion. Thanks to the new improved diodes that are used to ensure that these signs, do not suffer from the same issues that the traditional ones used to.

Old neon signs were prone to breakdowns and burn outs were extremely common due to high heat emissions. Today, custom neon signs that are made from LEDs are much more versatile and are extremely long lasting. These signs also consume a very small amount of power, which means that investing in a custom LED sign will help your business at a fraction of the cost, it would take to market in any other form.

The primary benefit of cheap custom neon signs that has persisted for almost half a century, stands true even today: personalised neon signs are the best form of nocturnal advertising. They stand out from other plain painted billboard signage, and they are quite attractive to look at when designed in the proper manner.

Neon Signage

The fact that these signs glow in the dark, and can be seen from a distance is just one part of what neon sign design is all about. Choosing the right colour combination with the right kind of lighting is extremely crucial to ensure that you have a sign that not only catches a passer-by’s attention, but also makes them want to frequent your establishment and try to see what your business is all about.

To get custom neon signs in Melbourne that stand out from the competition, and to get them from a provider that will not leave a significant dent in your advertising budget, reach out to Hy Signs.

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